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[A]. Science magazine published the study about orangutans(猩猩). The scientists collected evidence from years of observations in six areas on Borneo and Sumatra. The scientists found that the animals demonstrated a total of twenty-four signs of cultural activity. Several actions were demonstrated in some orangutan groups, but not others.

[B]. The Environmental Investigation Agency and Telapak released the report. Telapak is an environmental group based in Indonesia. The Environmental Investigation Agency operates in several countries. The two groups say Indonesia controls ten percent of the world's tropical rainforests.

[C]. Richard Sandor is the chairman of the C-C-X. He praised the companies forming the group for demonstrating leadership. He said they believe that an active way to deal with global warning helps everyone. The group said its members want to reduce costs they may face from future rules on greenhouse gas emissions. Trading credits may help businesses find the most effective methods to reduce pollution. Members also hope to improve their public image on environmental issues.

[D]. Their most detailed effort involved ninety-nine kinds of birds, insects and plants in North America and Europe. They found that the territory where these plants and animals live has moved north by an average of six kilometers every ten years. In Europe, some butterflies now live as much as one hundred kilometers to the north because of changes linked to higher temperatures.

[E]. The new report says many areas experienced unusual weather in two thousand and two. Most of Asia, for example, was warmer than usual. India had unusually high temperatures in April and May. The extremely hot weather caused hundreds of deaths. There also were extremely dry conditions across India. Parts of Africa experienced unusual heavy rains. Yet other areas in Africa had unusual dry weather.

[F]. Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. Hydrogen is a colorless gas. On Earth, it is present in large amounts in natural gas, coal, plants and water. By weight, hydrogen produces the highest energy levels of any known fuel. When burned in an engine, hydrogen releases no harmful pollution into the environment. When powering a fuel cell, the only waste is water. However, hydrogen is difficult to store. It also burns easily.


1. A severe ocean storm hit South Korea in August. It set a new national record for rainfall. In central Europe, more than one hundred people died in flooding caused by heavy rainfall in September. The flooding also resulted in thousands of millions of dollars in property damage. Yet large parts of North and South America had extremely dry weather.

2. One member of the Chicago Climate Exchange is American Electric Power. It's the biggest owner of electric power producers in the United States. Company officials say they hope their company's membership will demonstrate the ability of the C-C-X to grow.

3. For example, members of some groups make a kissing noise by tightening their mouths and sucking in air. Some groups use leaves to clean themselves or protect their hands from sharp objects. The scientists found that some of the animals use sticks as tools to remove insects from holes in trees. Other orangutans use leaves to crush insects or gather water.

4. Professors Parmesan and Yohe used similar methods to examine one hundred and seventy-two kinds of wildlife. They examined the timing of events in the spring, such as the appearance of flowers and the reproduction of animals. They found that these events happened an average of two days earlier than normal every ten years.

5. They say illegal operations to remove trees are causing large areas of forest to disappear. Environmental Investigation Agency director Dave Currey says the illegal operations are completely out of control.

  • We all like watching TV about Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. They are very interesting. Do you know who____1________the cartoons firstly? It was Walt Disney. I’ll______2______you something about him. Walt Disney loved to draw pictures when he was young. But his father had much______3______to do and often stopped him from drawing. He had to_____4_______his father with it. When he grew up, he began to make cartoon films. But he didn’t have much money and was always______5______. Once, he caught a mouse and kept it______6______a pet( 宠 物 ). A few years later, Walt  ______7______the mouse and decided to make a cartoon about it. And then Walt Disney named the mouse Mickey Mouse

    ____8________. People all over the world saw Mickey and loved him. Mickey made Walt Disney_____9_______soon. Then Walt made Donald Duck and others for television. In 1956, he ______10______ a wonderful land in California. There were real boats, castles, trains, rivers and all kinds of birds in one beautiful park. Many people went there. Disney died in 1966, but the world will never forget him.

    1.A. drew B.found C.knew

    2.A. speak B.talk C.tell

    3.A. work B.job C.picture

    4. A. seem B. help C. try

    5. A. hungry B. full C. quiet

    6. A. for B. as C. from

    7. A. thought B. remembered C. created

    8. A. at least B. at last C. at first

    9. A. tired B. amazed C. famous

    10. A. opened B. sold C. chose

  • World Sleep Day, organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Association of Sleep Medicine since 2008, is on March 21 every year.

    World Sleep Day is to celebrate the benefits of good and healthy sleep. Sleep quality plays a important role in people’s health. Researchers say that there are a lot of advantages( 优 点 ) if we always get enough sleep. We can be smarter, thinner, healthier and more cheerful. Also we’re to have better skin, better memories and longer lives. When you lose even one hour of sleep for any rea son, it will influenced(影响) your performance the next day.

    In general, adults are thought to need at least eight hours of sleep a night, but a recent survey found that, on workdays, only 21% of them really get a full eight hours of sleep, and another 21% get less than six. For teenagers, a healthy amount is about eight to nine hours per night. However, about 80% of high school students don’t get enough sleep because of their schoolwork or some bad habits.

    Twenty-seven percent of people in the world have sleep problems. Now there are over 80 kinds of sleep disorders, and most people know little about their danger. So, for our good life and work, it’s necessary for us to realize the importance of sleep and try to have a good sleep.

    1.When is World Sleep Day?()

    2.Is it bad for our performance if we lose even one hour of sleep?()

    3.How many hours should a teenager sleep every night according to the writer?()

    4.Why don’t most high school students get enough sleep?()

    5.What percent of people have sleeping problems in the world?()

  • When we meet someone for the first time, we usually get to know what kind of person they are by the way they shake hands, talk, or walk. In the age of Internet, however, first impressions( 印 象 ) are sometimes made even before we meet someone in person - that is, by

    looking at their profile photo(个人头像).

    According to a study, showed in a paper on Web, a group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania in the US find out the personalities of 66,000 users through their profile pictures. At the same time, about 434 people were asked to finish a survey about their personality( 性 格 ) type.

    The researchers wanted to find out if there was a connection(连接) between personality type

    - like openness, extroversion(外向), and neuroticism(神经质) - to a person’s profile photo.

    According to the results, open people are more likely to use things such as glasses or a guitar in their profile photo because they enjoy new and exciting experiences( 经 历 ). Besides, neurotic people often put their bad feelings behind. They try not to show their face; instead, they use a photo of something like a pet, a car or a building. Daniel Preoiuc-Pietro from the University of Pennsylvania wrote in the paper. The things in profile pictures, the colors used in them give us some hints about the owner’s personality type. For example, extroverted people were found to have the most colorful profile photos, as they want to show their personality and show themselves off, the researchers wrote. So, when choosing a profile photo, maybe we should ask ourselves first what kind of photos we’d like to show. After all, first impressions always last.

    1.Which of the following ways we get to know others is not mentioned in the first paragraph?

    A.Shaking hands.

    B.Looking at his or her profile photo.

    C.Looking at his or her friends.

    2.If someone puts a photo of a cat as her or his profile photo, what’s his or her personality type?

    A. Openness.B. Extroversion.C. Neuroticism.

    3.The underlined word “hint” in the fourth paragraph means “ ”.

    A. 线索B. 隐私C. 障碍

    4.Which of the following is TURE according to the passage?

    A.Neurotic people often show their face in their profile photo.

    B.Open people use a car as their profile photo because they enjoy exciting experiences.

    C.Extrovert people usually use colorful picture as their profile photo.

    5.The passage is most probably from .

    A. an advertisementB. a storybookC. a newspaper

  • They were too many people and I couldn’t get_________to watch the fashion show.

    A、close enough

    B、 enough close

    C、 far enough

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